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Madeira Island – The Ideal Holiday Destination

Winner of the  2015 World Leading Island Destination Award,  Madeira Island is  a haven of natural scenic beauty.

Situated in the North Atlantic, the island of Madeira is home to one of the largest  surviving Laurel Forests (Laurisilva) in the world.  The distinct features provide a magnificent backdrop of cascading waterfalls, lush green forests and breathtaking mountain ranges.

The island offers visitors  diverisity.  No matter what type of holiday you seeking – be it a relaxing seaside holiday, a countryside vacation, a rural retreat holiday,  hiking and trekking adventure or an adrenalin filled getaway, Madeira Island is an ideal holiday destination.

Madeira Island Holiday

The coastline villages such as Santa Cruz, Machico, Calheta, Porto Moniz and Sao Vicente offer visitors a relaxed setting with scenic prominades and splenndid beaches

Travelling inland on the meandering roads lined with seasonal fragrant flowers,  acacia, eucyliptus and camelia trees you will come across small quaint rural villages such as  Santo de Serra, Camacha, Santana and Encumeada.  Here you will experience the serenity and calm of island country life.

Moving further inland and at a greater altitude you will get to explore the islands natural wonders. Here you are given the opportunity to do levada walks, cayoning &  hiking.

Funchal, the capital city is where all the action is.   Visit notable museums and attractions. Take a walk along cobblestoned side roads.  Treat yourself to some local cuisine at any of the numerous portuguese restaurants scattered accross the city.  Take a trip on the cable car up to Monte, then head back down on a Monte toboggan.

Madeira Island offers a variety of holiday accommodation options such as  self catering apartments, rural cottages  private holiday villas and fine hotels with many offering free wifi.

Madeira Island Holiday

Madeira Island Holiday

Only  3 hours flight time away from most European cities and with direct flights from over 40 cities, Madeira is without a doubt an ideal island holiday destination.